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Delivery Clause In Supply Agreement

6 dezembro 2020

If, because of an act, deed or object that does not fall within the seller`s sphere of influence, the delivery address is not monitored, the delivery cannot be made otherwise or the goods cannot be shipped, the seller may, at his sole discretion, store the goods at the buyer`s risk and at the buyer`s expense or take any other action he deems appropriate. Cancellation of ordersAn order accepted by the Seller cannot be cancelled (at his discretion) without the Seller`s prior written consent. A request for cancellation or delay of delivery is not considered, unless the buyer has appealed to the seller in writing. The seller will consider a request for cancellation or delay of delivery at its sole discretion. PPSA (a) Unless otherwise in context is made, the terms and phrases used in this clause have the meaning given to them in the Oder under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA). (d) The seller may, at any time, make this payment in one way or another and make the payment, regardless of the payment being made as part of a particular delivery of goods, and he may apply and order that payment in one way or another that he deems appropriate. 8.2 Depending on the company`s choice, the company may deduct or withhold an amount equal to or less than the amount of funds owed to the business by the supplier, following the payment of an amount that is due to the supplier under item 8.1. (a) violates a clause or contractual condition, suspends the supply of goods or services subject to an order or does not proceed with the due diligence required to compromise the completion of the delivery of goods or services on the date indicated in the order, and does not correct this violation, suspension or not within 7 days of the company receiving notification of the violation. , suspension or failure; or 8. PARNITY8.1 Subject to item 8.3, the supplier, without prejudice to other rights or remedies, must compensate and compensate the company for all costs, expenses, costs, rights, claims, damages, liabilities and losses (including the collection or defence of shares, claims or proceedings, including subsequent or indirect damages, including losses or losses).

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