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Domain Ownership Transfer Agreement

7 dezembro 2020

The seller owns the Internet domain name “” (the domain name) and the domain name filer with network solutions (“Registrar”). The seller received the domain name of OnRamp Access, Inc., effective July 21, 2006, pursuant to the share repurchase and domain name transfer agreement whereby OnRamp Access transferred all rights and securities on behalf of Telco Billing, Inc., LiveDeal`s wholly owned subsidiary. The domain name was then registered in the name of Telco Billing`s parent company, YP Corp, which changed its name to LiveDeal on August 14, 2007. The buyer wishes to acquire from the seller all the rights, titles and interests of the seller on the domain name and any goody associated. The seller has agreed to sell, sell, transfer and deliver to the purchaser all rights, titles and interests on the domain name, including any goody or goody associates, subject to the terms of this agreement. Remember, there`s a good chance that the domain name you want to use has already been used. But just because a domain name is taken doesn`t mean it`s still not possible for you to get it. It may be possible for you to buy the domain name from its current owner, although it might be a bit expensive if it is a relatively popular name. Under federal law, a domain name is considered personal property. This means that it can be bought or sold, like any other piece of property. Note: It is often advisable to search the instructions. In addition, if the domain name is more than a domain name, i.e.

is a website business, should sometimes also be paid on all applicable bulk sales provisions as well as creditors` issues. This agreement is very straight and simple. It is intended to be used if only the domain name itself is transferred. This agreement has also transferred the seller and buyer, and does not use a third-party trust. 8. Full agreement. This agreement, as well as all schedules or exhibitions, constitute the entire agreement of the seller and the purchaser with respect to the purpose of this agreement and reject all prior or simultaneous agreements (written or oral) between the parties with respect to the object contained.