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Has Gm Reached An Agreement

10 dezembro 2020

When the agreement was announced, auto workers said they had “made significant profits.” She plans to set the conditions for her local G.M representatives at a meeting in Detroit on Thursday morning, a chance for leaders to create the victories she believes she will win. General Motors and the auto workers` union, facing a period of weakness after years of record profits, on Wednesday signed a tentative contract that could end the company`s longest strike in half a century. GM plans to build a battery production unit as part of a joint venture in the Mahoning Valley in northeastern Ohio, where Lordstown lives. The facility represented by the unions would be part of its promised investments in the proposed agreement, two sources familiar with the situation said, but it would not be explicitly included in the union`s lead contract with GM. If approved by the National Council, the proposal will officially become an interim agreement that will be subject to ratification by GM`s temporary workers. The ratification is expected to last one to two weeks. “It`s more painful, but perhaps more prudent to continue the strike, only in case it doesn`t ratify,” she said. “If members are not thought to vote by an overwhelming majority, they maintain their influence in the event of a strike while considering the provisional agreement.” Two sources familiar with the situation said the agreement followed the basic outlines of proposals that GM presented twice last month. It is expected to include at least $9 billion in new investments, the creation of 9,000 jobs, the maintenance of health insurance services without increased costs, ratification bonuses of $11,000, uncapped profit distributions, 3% increase in basic wages over two years and 4% lump sum premiums for the remaining two years of the proposed four-year contract. There has been talk, in part among some local union officials, that the UAW is circling its target towards Ford or FCA in an attempt to reach an agreement while continuing to strike against GM.

The union initially decided to negotiate with GM to use the agreement as a model for an agreement with the other two. Last year, teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma and North Carolina ensured better working conditions after giving up their jobs. And Southern California food workers narrowly avoided a strike this month when the United Food and Commercial Workers union struck a deal with several California supermarkets. The new contract provides for salary increases totalling $1.55 to $1.65 per hour over three years, as well as improvements in health benefits and pension contributions. In a brief statement on the agreement, GM said: “We can confirm the UAW statement on a proposed interim agreement. Further details will be provided in due course. “It usually takes about two weeks for local leaders to clarify their membership of what is in the agreement and for the vote to take place on the premises across the country,” Dziczek said. “In collective bargaining, neither side really rows, they are re-forming together,” Dziczek said. “But when one rows and the other rows, what we see here revolves around the circle. It must be a compromise between the two sides, and they must talk and focus on reaching a provisional agreement and ending the strike.

“If they don`t think they can reach an agreement and the discussions are no longer productive,” says Kristin Dziczek, vice president of industry, Labor-Economics at the Center for Automotive Research.