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Service Level Agreement Downtime

17 dezembro 2020

This credit does not apply to “add-on” services related to the product, for example. B licenses, and only applies to the services concerned. This service level agreement (“SLA”) regulates the use of all products and services provided by Network Dynamics Pty Ltd (“Network Dynamics”). Network Dynamics may change this policy at any time without notice and the current version of this policy is available at any time on the Network Dynamics ( website. SLAs are mainly used in enterprise contracts for which the service provided is critical. For companies such as payment platforms or web hosting services, customers take a significant risk if they trust a third party to maintain availability and performance. While providing historical and transparent data on past performance helps build confidence in availability, SLAs are essential to ensuring customer confidence in your service. Sometimes we have to do maintenance work for Slack to work properly. If the expected downtime is required, we will notify you at least 48 hours in advance. In one year` time, the expected downtime will not exceed 10 hours. If a penalty was not included in the original ALS, the client may terminate the contract with impunity due to the breach of contract.

In the event that Morweb CMS Inc. does not meet the Uptime or Customer Experience Infrastructure Outage or Network Shutdown if the Customer follows the procedures described here, Morweb CMS Inc. will apply a credit to the net MRC customer account for the relevant account for each time or a fraction of it is stopped. “Net MRC” refers to recurring monthly fees for the server hosting service where the problem arises, with the exception of complementary or optional services that are not included in the standard home plan, but are part of the client`s monthly periodic fee. The credits described in this ALS are the customer`s exclusive recourse and all the customer`s liability for any breach of any service or service guarantee in this ALS. All downtime is measured from the date the ticket is kept and validated by Morweb CMS Inc.