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Tui Agency Agreement

19 dezembro 2020

The deal is also a big blow for the Jet2holidays who will see their product promoted in 862 new outlets. For a copy of our agency contract form, please contact our support team on 0207 332 2656 or e-mail The carrier will verify and approve the grounds for the dispute if it is proven that the tax was false/not due and/or that evidence to the contrary is provided. If the dispute is fully approved, the airline will dethrone the ADM and, in the case of a partial agreement, an agency credit (CMA) will be issued for the accepted value. Twice a year, a TUI employee sends the 16-sided PDF contract to all partners of the agency. Because the OneSpan Sign Internet app contains a bulk broadcast function, the employee does not need to create and send separate transactions for each agency. It simply imports the list of signatories, gives details like the authentication method (in this case email authentication), and OneSpan Sign takes care of the rest. The order lasts three hours, from preparing the list of recipients in Excel to the time it sends the contract on the OneSpan Sign service. If you belong to one of the following consortia/business groups: Your agreement will be managed centrally with your head office: TUI fly Belgium issues ADMs to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions related to the violation of TUI fly Belgium tariff products, PNR transactions and/or reservations, or the issuance and use of TUI fly Belgium traffic documents issued by or at the request of the representative, regardless of the airlines included in the flug plan itinerary. Subject to the agreement with the agent, there may be other uses of ADMs: a MMD could also be issued for levies that are not directly related to transport documents, such as. B as deposits or penalties for bulk sales.

TUI can also track agencies that have signed. This is important — if travel agencies do not sign, TUI cannot do business with them. Once each agency has entered into its contract, it appears in OneSpan Sign as the agency. TUI stores e-signed contracts directly in the Onespan Sign-Service, but also has the flexibility to download and store them on site. For invalid/non-valid tickets and incorrect ticketing according to IATA 852 Double Refund resolution (via BSPLink and manually) an additional fee of EUR 35 is levied to cover the costs. Transactions that the agent does not report in time via BSP/ARC if you need information or assistance to complete the agency contract form, please contact our support team on 0207 332 2656. Travel agencies that have an agency contract with TUI can register without registration.