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Ups Amc Agreement

19 dezembro 2020

The replaced part will be either new or equivalent to the performance equivalent parts of the original parts (excluding consumables) the company appoints single-point service providers for several UPS brands. We support on the installation site, support during the downtime, wiring output for output distribution. Given the criticality of the UPS system and the Lift UPS applications, we offer all our AMC customers in three different categories – Platinum, Gold, Silver Joining Forces with Renutron brings the most coveted function of the fast assistance “on-site service” It is the second priority with almost similar benefits like platinum except for the standby unit and does not contain spare parts of injury component and performance devices. The batteries have a lifespan of 3 to 10 years. Then there will be waste E. We take care of the disposal of such batteries of any manufacture and technology and provide the waste management certificate prescribed by the pollution control authority which is the basic AMC only provides service engineers. All spare parts are paid this is the top priority and support for each service call to ensure quick rotation and quick recovery after downtime. It covers all necessary spare parts during maintenance, with the exception of the part of the wound. We also offer a standby unit at marginal costs to compensate for downtime.

Platinum AMC is highly recommended for exceeding important applications such as Servers, Data Center, Operation Theater, Process Control Plants and Multiple Lift Back Ups. We offer UPS on rental /standby UPS/battery rental for a short to long term. For these providers, we offer inspection technicians, one-off maintenance and recovery proposals. We have 15 years of experience in providing these services on multiple sites and for a variety of brands with a wide variety of technology. To ensure a quick and timely response, our efficient service network, made up of experienced and experienced engineers, will be put into service immediately. It is strongly supported by our back office and the ERP module for troubleshooting call management and analysis. Our ERP module records data from each preventative call and on-site service visit. These records guide us in diagnosing the exact reason for the actual and possible collapse of the system.