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Wageningen University Internship Contract And Learning Agreement

20 dezembro 2020

Young Enterprise Masterclass About the Young Enterprise Masterclass Young Enterprise provides the context in which student groups can participate in entrepreneurship and employment by acting. Our housing contracts are a maximum of one year, so it is advisable to plan your second year accommodation as soon as possible. We advise you to register as soon as possible at the ROOM student residence platform. Note that they have a long waiting list, so you should sign up before coming to Leiden. You should also ask shortly after your arrival with other agencies, owners and classmates. Look at the information to find accommodation. Be aware that finding suitable apartments for your second year can take up to six months, so start hunting at home early! Both facilitators should help you write your report on the tasks completed during the internship period. In the second report, you think about the internship itself (for example. B organization, company, etc.) and the personal results you have made during the interview with the internship manager. This report is intended to describe your personal development during the internship and your development goals. Once your internship is over, you will give a lecture on your internship with the host organization with at least the head of the internship present. In addition, after this presentation and the presentation of the two reports you must write, you will take an oral exam with your university tutor in Wageningen; The course director may be present.

You assess the extent to which you have managed the theme of your internship and how high your thinking about the internship project is. Their overall assessment, which is the responsibility of the University of Wageningen, is based on the two reports, the oral examination and the presentation of the internship. As a general rule, you cannot terminate your contract earlier than on the agreed date. However, exceptions may be made if you still have at least one month left on your contract and you can find a tenant who will take over your contract until the original end date. Note that replacement tenants cannot extend the contract beyond the original end date. The new tenant must meet all the following criteria: 2 Apprenticeship Results The internship is part of the program in which you improve your personal, professional and academic skills. Once the internship is complete, you can at least expect to be able to: – apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies; – reflect the planning practices you participate in during the internship – improve the performance of certain professional skills; – to work independently and with a sense of organization; – Expand your professional network. In order to obtain the general learning results mentioned above, you should formulate your own personal learning results in contact with the internship coordinator at the University of Wageningen and the head of the host organization.