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Wellness Advocate Agreement Form Doterra

20 dezembro 2020

5. Duration and termination. The duration of this contract and any further extension is one year. Unless one party informs the other of its intention to terminate the contract, I understand and agree that the contract is automatically renewed each year on the anniversary. I understand and agree that I have to pay an annual fee each year to renew my contract with doTERRA. I agree that doTERRA can automatically charge my credit card $25.00 per year during the anniversary month of my contract. doTERRA may terminate my account at any time for breach of contract terms, including any changes to that account. If my contract is terminated or terminated for any reason, I understand and agree that I permanently lose all my rights as a welfare lawyer and that I am not allowed to sell doTERRA products or services or to obtain commissions, bonuses or other remuneration from the activities of my former downline distribution organization. In the event of termination, termination or non-renewal, I agree to lose and relinquish all rights I have, including, but not limited to property rights, my former downline organization, and any commissions, bonuses or other remuneration derived from the sale and other activities of my former downline organization. If my contract is not renewed, if, for whatever reason, it is terminated or terminated, I agree to immediately cease the use of all trademarks will endow, service marks and copyrighted materials. I also agree that for the duration of this contract and for one (1) year after the termination or termination of this contract, regardless of the reason for termination or termination of this contract, I will not recruit or recruit any doTERRA Wellness Advocate that is in my current or previous downline organization or with which I have been known by my participation as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. 10.

Renunciation and severability. Any waiver of staffing a breach of contract must be made in writing and signed by a licensed staff member to staff. The waiver of giving a breach of my contract by me should not be construed or understood as a waiver of a subsequent violation. If a provision of the contract is found to be invalid or unenforceable, this provision will be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it applicable and the balance of the treaty will remain fully in force and effective. 17. Data protection. I will agree to provide the processing of the personal data contained in this application/agreement and to transmit this personal data, with information on the future distribution activities of this Wellness Advocate account, to one of doTERRA`s global subsidiaries and associated companies and other doTERRA account holders who are in the same distribution organization or distribution chain to manage the distribution of doTERRA products and to provide business reports to global subsidiaries, doTERRA associated companies and other account holders will staff in the organizations. As far as I know, this transmission of information can be done in countries without the same legal privacy protection as my country.

I understand that when I receive activity reports, including sales reports, containing personal data about the activities of other doTERRA account holders, I agree that I will only use this data in the management and development of my distribution organization and that at the end of my contract, I will immediately delete all of this personal data from my files, unless it is required by law. The parties agree that this obligation survives the termination of the contract. For more information on doTERRA`s privacy practices, see doTERRA`s privacy policy at www. If you do not want this personal data to be processed or transferred as described here, please do not create a Wellness Advocate account at doTERRA.