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Free House Cleaning Service Agreement Template

9 abril 2021

ApproveMe is one of the most reliable and comfortable ways to sign your cleaning service contract. Our pdf cleaning model services is a useful tool to use when developing your own service contract. Electronic signatures are legally binding and, in today`s fast-changing world, e-signing is essential to keep your growing business running smoothly. A cleaning service contract is reserved for a commercial company or an individual who agrees to offer his work for payment. The contract can be commercial (janitorial) or residential (domestic economy) and is usually written for the cleaning to be carried out as planned. Payment is often weekly or monthly, with the cleaner having full access to the premises. The parties, i.e. the “customer” and the “service provider” (name of the service provider) herely accept the terms of this cleaning agreement. They are collective to be called “parties.” The service provider provides the above services as required and charges the customer an invoice as such.

The service provider is committed to providing the following services for the duration of this contract. As mentioned above, a cleaning contract may be required for several reasons. Large cleaning companies, small family cleaning companies and even independent contractors who provide cleaning services need such a contract to protect their interests, particularly legally. Below is a model that can be used as is or adapted to the needs of a cleaning service provider! That`s the end of it. This cleaning contract can be terminated at any time by mutual agreement between the customer and the contractor. In the event that the customer sells his shares in the service of the property to another company, it is the responsibility of that company to fully fulfill the terms of this cleaning contract. The customer agrees to pay all invoices related to this cleaning contract within 30 days of receipt, unless notification of a fault or non-performance allows for a late payment. Much depends on the size of the cleaning service you order and the scale you are working on. Small businesses probably have the necessary needs, but can afford large detergents, which is why businesses and businesses are needed to provide this equipment. However, large cleaning companies will bring their own supplies and will probably be very well equipped with the appropriate materials. This cleaning contract constitutes the entire contract and replaces all written or oral agreements prior to this agreement.