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James Agreement

24 setembro 2021

Dispute resolution mechanisms are included in the two implementation agreements with the Naskapi and Inuit (NEQA and JBNQA) and in the out-of-court agreement with the Cree. The Parties may use dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve contentious issues related to the interpretation, management or implementation of the JBNQA and NEQA, or as specified in such agreements. These mechanisms are usually initiated by a bi- or tripartite consultation phase. If no satisfactory solution is found for all parties to the dispute, the initial phase will be followed by mediation and possible arbitration. Inuit participation in the implementation of marine mammal management plans is ensured through an agreement with the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) as part of the Aboriginal Oceans and Aquatic Resources Management Program. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) offers Inuit programs through the Société d`habitation du Québec (SHQ) under federal-provincial cost-sharing agreements. The SHQ provides and manages these programs. In 2008-2010, CMHC made US$114,831,300 available to the SHQ for The Inuit of Nunavik. The James Bay and Northern Quebec Accord (JBNQA) is a legally valid agreement signed on November 11, 1975 by the Government of Quebec, the Government of Canada, Hydro-Québec and two of its subsidiaries, the Grand Conseil des Crees du Québec and the Inuit Association of Northern Quebec. The JBNQA redefined and reformulated land management and the relationship between the State of Quebec and the Indigenous peoples of James Bay and the Northern Quebec region (see James Bay Project, Contracts with Indigenous Peoples in Canada).