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9 outubro 2021

On Feb. 21, the marriage ended after the El Segundo, California-based said it had denounced its “exclusivity agreement” with USPS, which covers two of its units — the company and Endicia, a labeling company. In an analyst call that day, kenneth T. McBride, CEO of, said the decision was made after the USPS refused to waive the exclusive nature of the relationship and allow to onboard other package deliverers. said his demands were not negotiable, so he ended the deal as soon as the USPS didn`t move. USPS declined to comment on this article. A spokesman for the did not respond to a request for comment. On July 25, 2018, entered into another agreement for the purchase of known MetaPack Ltd., a London-based company that offers retailers and e-commerce brands delivery management technology. The agreement was reached on the price of about 175 million in cash. MetaPack will continue to be a 100% subsidiary under the leadership of its current management team, and further details of the acquisition will be discussed on August 1, 2018. [23] STMP+ + +1.65% forecast a sharp decline in its financial performance in 2019 with its fourth quarter results report on Thursday afternoon, before explaining why during a conference call. Citing the need to work with other parcels and postal workers like United Parcel Service Inc. UPS, +1.64%, FedEx Corp.

FDX, +0.35% and Inc. AMZN, +0.03%, said its customers demanded and needed shipping options beyond what the post office could offer, so the exclusive nature of its agreement no longer worked. does not charge a fee for integrating our application into your existing storage company. Turn to Annualized, this represents about 3.16 $US EPS, so, after today`s price rise, is trading at around US$93 per share with 30 times its depressed earnings. While it`s unclear whether Stamps can achieve anything close to its previous profitability, its profits from these latest figures are expected to increase as revenue increases; However, it is absolutely unclear how much of the lucrative USPS deal will be reimbursed in the new UPS deal. Visit to learn more about our development program and download our API documentation. Now, seems to be in a better place than at the beginning of 2019. It has a more diversified business and offers its customers other shipping services like UPS. And he has a new agreement with the USPS. If you plan to use our client and/or ODBC connection, we can send you in a matter of minutes. One of our shipping support experts will create your account and you will print labels as soon as possible.

Turn to What happened on Wednesday was that the company said the USPS had new deals for Porto dealers like Stamps. The agreements have just been signed and have ended a year of uncertainty. Only about 33% of analysts who cover the company value stocks the equivalent of Buy, below the average buy-rating ratio of 55% for stocks in the Dow.