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Trade And Investment Framework Agreements

12 outubro 2021

Ministers instructed their staff to form the Joint Council and start implementing the work programme of the Agreement. The United States has TIFAs with a number of countries in order to improve bilateral trade relations and coordinate regionally and multilaterally through regular high-level discussions on trade and economic issues. In addition to the TIFA signed today with Brunei Darussalam, the United States has within ASEAN TIFA with Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. The United States and our tifa partners advise on a wide range of trade and investment issues. Topics for consultation and possible cooperation include issues relating to market access, labour, the environment, the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and, where appropriate, capacity-building. These proposed initiatives aim to achieve concrete results in a wide range of areas, including trade facilitation, logistics, the digital economy, trade finance, trade and the environment. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick and Brunei Darussalams Minister of Trade and Natural Resources Pehin Dato Abdul Rahman Taib signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement at Blair House to promote trade and investment between the two countries. The United States has TIFAs with countries at different stages of development and trade and investment interests. The Trade and Investment Framework Agreements (TTIFA) provide a strategic framework and principles for dialogue on trade and investment issues between the United States and other TIFA parties.